The Alcohol (When I'm Blue) [with Conner Toth]

by Charlie Burg



The Alcohol (When I'm Blue)
Copyright 2015
Remastered 2016


I suppose you're wondering just what I meant
No need to get caught up in things you can't comprehend
The shame and the sin, they spin round my head
The comfort comes not from my bed

It's from the alcohol
Means nothing at all
Don't listen to what I say to you
It may not be true when I'm blue

Darling, cos after all
I'll take the fall
With drink in hand, these empty cans
Don't make me a man at all

Standing here in a dark and crowded room
People all around but I'm still a lonely fool
My confidence walked out the door
Along with the girl I came here for
That's alright, I was too messed up to talk to her anyway!

Because that alcohol
Means nothing at all

It was clear before but now I am confused
Talking on the phone don't feel like it used to

I do complain a lot
And every urge I fought
Was reconciled by memories taped up on my wall

Not the alcohol
Makes cowards stand tall

But I ain't a coward and I'm proud to say
I don't need that nasty stuff anyway
I can't admit it and I can't feign
That you're the reason I'm in pain

Don't be sad, my love
For me


released May 27, 2015
Prod. Charlie Burg
Words and music by Charlie Burg and Conner Toth
Instrumentation by Charlie Burg
Mixed and mastered by Charlie Burg




Charlie Burg Detroit, Michigan

Conscious indie soul-rock from Metropolitan Detroit

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